The Essential Mix – Non subscription


A blend of herbs to support the overall health and well-being of your horse.

Each bag contains 3kg of product and lasts an average 500kg horse for 3 months.

To help keep your rides safe by reducing deliveries, each bag of The Essential Mix is designed to last your horse around three months (depending on the feeding rate).

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The Essential Mix is a complementary feed for horses made from a blend of herbs to support their overall health and well-being.

The health of the hindgut is determined by the diversity of the gut bacteria. The greater the variety in your horse’s diet, the more diverse the nutrient supply for the bacteria in their hindgut. The Essential Mix helps to support this variety, resulting in a well-fed and diverse range of happy gut microbes.

Our formula is blended from 100% natural ingredients.
No artificial fillers. No additives. Only the highest quality herbs.

Our products have been tested to ensure they contain no naturally occurring prohibited substances (NOPS), we are happy to provide a copy of the batch certificate upon request.

Happy gut, happy horse!

Composition/feeding guidelines:

Burdock Root, Dandelion Leaves, Fenugreek Seeds, Hawthorn Leaves, Nettle Leaf, Oregano, Peppermint, Rosehip, Rosemary & Thyme.

Our herbal supplements are not designed to replace veterinary medicines. Please take the advice of your veterinary practitioner if you have any concerns for the health and well-being of your horse. 

Some of the ingredients in The Essential Mix may not be suitable for pregnant mares. Please ensure you consult your veterinary practitioner before feeding. 

Feeding Recommendations:

Number of scoops per serving
Small Pony Small Horse Large Horse
0.75 1 1.25

Feed 1 serving twice a day mixed and wetted with regular feed.

This bag is estimated to last 1 horse for 3 months depending on the feeding rate.



Per 16g serving

Energy kcal:

Energy kj:



Fat (g):


of which saturates (g):


Carbohydrates (g):


of which sugar (g):


Fibre (g):


Protein (g):


Sodium (mg):




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