The importance of a healthy hindgut

The hindgut of your horse is home to millions of bacteria and other micro-organisms that are responsible for processes linked to the well-being and health of your animal. These microbes help fight diseases, absorb nutrients, maintain a healthy gut wall and metabolise energy. 

A healthy hindgut is achieved by a highly diverse population of gut bacteria. To achieve and maintain an optimum and healthy microbiome, your horse needs a varied diet rich in different plants and herbs. Our Pure Paddock products will help you bring this diversity into your horse’s diet in a cost-effective and efficient way.

horse grazing showing importance of a healthy hindgut
rosemary natural ingredients for herbal supplements for horses

Natural ingredients

We produce our blends with the best quality organic human-grade ingredients. No artificial fillers. No additives. Only 100% high-quality natural ingredients. 
Our products have been tested to ensure they contain no naturally occurring prohibited substances (NOPS).

In our product descriptions, you will find the properties and benefits of each ingredient.

Our packaging

To minimise our impact on the environment, we have ensured that all our packaging is biodegradable and compostable.

Our bags are made out of sustainably sourced kraft paper, and our scoops are made from a by-product of sugarcane juice extraction. This makes them both fully biodegradable and compostable.
When you finish your Pure Paddock bag, you can recycle it or throw it in your compost heap or muck trailer.

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