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We are a family company based in Norfolk (UK) with equine experience spanning two generations and two countries. Our goal is to provide a feed supplement that is 100% natural and based on a horse’s natural diet. We strongly believe that your horse’s health should not depend on having to feed them supplements that are expensive.

Poppy, our Connemara pony: the inspiration behind Pure Paddock grazing
Poppy, our Connemara pony: the inspiration behind Pure Paddock

Poppy, the inspiration behind Pure Paddock

The idea behind Pure Paddock came from owning our Connemara pony Poppy. A few months after moving house, we started noticing she was not her usual self. We researched possible causes and had both the soil in her paddocks and her poo analysed. This highlighted that, although she was eating good hard food, her grazing needed a greater variety for the biome in her hindgut. Her gut microbiome was far from healthy!

We discovered that the soil in her paddocks had previously been used for farming, so it was sandier – and this made it hard to grow good quality grass and herbs. It now made sense why Poppy was always trying to reach the grass and hedgerow on the other side of the fence. She was trying to tell us that her body needed a more varied diet.

We decided to try in-hand grazing around the paddock, where she ate the mixed grasses, herbs and hedgerow with great relish! We realised she was selecting what her body needed. Her overall health and happiness increased dramatically, and she enjoyed both being ridden and being handled on the ground far more than before. This is when we created our own homemade herbs mix to feed her every day as a supplement, to mimic the feed variety she could find during natural grazing.

From this came the idea to create Pure Paddock: an all-natural herbal supplement for equines that do not have access to the full variety of plants available during horse’s natural grazing – but at an affordable price.

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